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Tattoos | Mad Tatter Studios - Pigeon Forge,TN

Tattoos are a way to show your individuality. An actual work of art, tattoos are a design of your choosing permanently painted...

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Piercings | Mad Tatter Studios - Pigeon Forge,TN

If you are in the market for a body piercing, you should carefully consider the studio you use before scheduling an appointment.

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Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry | Mad Tatter Studios - Pigeon Forge,TN

Regardless of whether you had your body piercing done here at Mad Tatters Studios or had it done elsewhere, we offer an amazing...

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Welcome To Mad Tatter Studios

It seems everyone is getting tattoos and body piercings to show their individuality and to make them stand out from the crowd. Before selecting a studio and an artist, remember that you will be wearing this art for a lifetime, so you want only high-quality work that is done by a professional artist.

Founded in 2012, Mad Tatter Studios is a Christian-based tattoo shop owned by experienced artist and master piercer, Martin Shaw. We wanted to offer high-quality tattoos at affordable rates, so our pricing starts as low as $60. In addition to putting a creative piece of art on your skin, we will take the time to educate you about the process and how to care for your design afterward.

Another service we offer is above- and below-the-belt piercing. Taking pride in offering only the highest-quality services and jewelry, we use "Metal Mafia" to perform our piercings rather than the lower–quality, cheap products that other studios may use. Although we use high-quality jewelry, we charge much less than the other studios.

Here we put the customer—you—first. Why would you want to go anywhere else? We stand behind our work, because our reputation is more important than the money we make from our creations. We also promise that you will be getting your tattoos and piercings in a clean and safe environment. We use only single-use, sterile needles, disposable, single-use ink pots, disposable, single-use latex gloves.

Our work area is sanitized daily and we use disinfectant before starting work and then after completing the job. In addition, our tools are placed in a hospital-grade autoclave sterilizer to remove all germs and to prevent infection. We are fully licensed by the City of Gatlinburg and the State of Tennessee Health Inspector.

For more information about our services, call us today at (865) 365-1195.

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